How could we celebrate?


Residents of Kinglake found an unusual way to thank and acknowledge those who helped them after the 2009 Victorian bushfires.

There are so many different ways that groups can get involved in Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week (CPPW).

It will really depend on what your group does, who you partner with and what you like to do. The possibilities are endless, but we’ve put together a few ideas that might help you decide how best to celebrate your unique partnerships and all that they have achieved.

And once you’ve decided what you are going to do, be sure to add your event to our Events Register which will display the 2017 events taking place across the country. You can currently see the celebrations that took place during the 2016 #CPPWeek, which may also give you some ideas.

Community Groups

  • Use CPPW as an opportunity to highlight some of your stories via local media, your own website, your social media sites
  • Consider creating a publication to record your achievements in partnership with philanthropy and launch it during CPPW
  • Use CPPW as the springboard to create a local Community Foundation - visit to learn more
  • Host a tour for partners, local media and other key stakeholders of some of the projects you’ve completed thanks to the involvement of philanthropic partners
  • “Give back” to your supporters and write a thank-you letter, acknowledging the part they play in your success
  • Ask your supporters to “give” in a new way such as a free volunteer day for their staff, or to extend the partnership in a new way
  • Share details of CPPW with your partners asking them to get involved and register their events on the CPPW website
  • Undertake some kind of research into the impact of your group’s work in your local community, and launch it during CPPW
  • Organise a working bee on whatever project you currently have underway. Invite partners (current and previous), stakeholders, prospective partners and volunteers and key local leaders to come and see philanthropy in action, and get involved
  • Run a morning tea in your local library or townhall to bring together your volunteers, supporters and those who benefit from your work
  • Host a picnic in the park featuring storytelling, speakers, sports and activities
  • Hold a forum about how you developed and sustain your philanthropic partnerships, to share lessons with others and demonstrate the value of philanthropy to potential new partners
  • Host an afternoon high tea or gala dinner featuring special guests and speakers
  • Run a student artwork competition using the 2017 theme which is yet tbd (last year's theme was the power of paternerships)
  • Have a short story competition around the 2017 theme
  • Producing a video or animated case study that could be shared online about the impact of what has been undertaken, and then launch that during the Week


ANZ has partnered with hundreds of rural communities like TImboon through the Seeds of Renewal program.

ANZ has partnered with hundreds of rural communities like Timboon through the Seeds of Renewal program.

  • Run an organisation-wide initiative to make the staff within your business aware of the CPPW or allow them to come up with their own events or ideas for celebrating your community partnerships
  • Encourage your staff to take a volunteer day during CPPW and get them to share their story on your intranet / website
  • Consider extending your current partnerships by offering additional support. This could be in monetary terms (such as via a workplace giving initiative); by allowing your staff to attend a volunteering opportunity; or by sharing any knowledge or skills that might assist the organisation.
  • Launch a new partnership and talk about the value you receive from partnering with community groups
  • Make sure your community partners know about CPPW and encourage them to celebrate and acknowledge the partnership. Perhaps you could support their application, either in kind or with a small financial contribution.
  • Undertake some kind of research into the impact of your company’s investment in your local community, and launch it during CPPW
  • If you don’t already support a community group, Philanthropy Australia or FRRR could help you find one
  • Take your board and / or senior leaders on a tour of projects that you’ve invested in, and share it via the media, on your website and on social media

Philanthropic Organisations

  • Tell your networks and your local community about CPPW and encourage them to apply for a grant
  • Encourage and perhaps help the community groups that you support to celebrate the achievements made possible through their partnership with philanthropic organisations, and particularly with your organisation. You could support and endorse their application and perhaps provide a small cash or in-kind contribution towards the celebration
  • Help teach others about the benefits you have received by participating in philanthropy by creating a short film with snapshots of the different projects you have supported and the outcomes they have achieved, and launch it at an event
  • Host an event where you invite community groups you’ve supported to come and share the outcomes they’ve achieved with your support
  • Take your board / trustees and / or staff on a tour of projects that you’ve invested in, and share it via the media, on your website and on social media
  • Undertake some kind of research into the impact of your organisation’s investment in your local community, and launch it during CPPW


  • Make time to recognise / acknowledge examples of community / philanthropy partnerships in your community – send an email or letter; post a tweet or FB message talking about the difference it has made in your community
  • Become a Social Media Ambassador for CPPW - take photos of community activities or projects that have happened due to philanthropic support and share them on the CPPW Facebook page or via Twitter with the hashtag #CPPWeek


  • Euroa photos_committee

    Some of the partners that helped to erect this statue in Euroa honouring a local hero.

    Contact local community organisations to find out what they might be doing for CPPW
  • Publicise local CPPW events before and during the Week
  • Tweet about the local CPPW events taking place and what is happening
  • Prepare a feature on philanthropy in action in your community – Philanthropy Australia and FRRR can point you to some great examples

If you have other ideas, let us know on our Facebook page: or send us a message on our contact page.