Event Submission Form

Mary_Valley_OriginalNo matter what you are doing, we’d like to know how your organisation will be marking 2017 Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week.

So we will be creating a 2017 event register where we will be inviting all those who are planning to celebrate during #CPPWeek to add their event on to the list as we did for the 2016 events. Even if it is an invitation-only event, we’d still like to include it on the list of events running during the week.

Please complete the form below. It will then come to us to check (just in case there are some robots out there) and it will be added to the Events Register and displayed on the CPPW website after this year's grant recipients have been announced in the third quarter of 2017.

Please note, the fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.

If you have any queries, or issues with completing the form, please email us.


  • This person should be able to answer questions from the CPPW team about the event. Their name and contacts won't be listed publicly.
  • This website is where we'll refer people who want to know more about the organisation and / or the event. If there is a particular page, please link to that page.
  • If your event is on Facebook, please provide details
  • If you use Twitter, tell us your handle, so we can promote your event.
  • Provide the names of the partnering organisations that this event will celebrate and acknowledge.
  • We know many events will have multiple elements, but please select the main activity you are undertaking to celebrate.
  • Tell us a little about how you are celebrating during CPPW. No more than 50 words.
  • If the event is marked private, it is invitation only and the public can't attend. If anyone is welcome to come along, mark the event public.